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...And the glimmer of light that I see in your eyes are but distance memories of what has been or what can be.
The tall tails of yester years are but a slow remberance of what could be or might have been.
Slowly the shodows drift with the sun.
As I look to the heavens I see twinkles of lite and wonder what could be or what might be.
Then I wake and find dreams are all that can be. So my heart awaits the dawning.
It is with greatness I see beyond the stars,
Flashes of happiness yet to come,
Searching and waiting comes to an end,
Love at long last arrives,
Can it be from dreams,
From things felt,
From something unknown,
Let the dawn awaken me and find it true,
If not let me never awake.


Poetry makes up a major part of who we are inside.
As you search your heart and soul for meaning to the words found among these pages,
Know that the words here are the words showing the path to my life.
Know that each and every poem written among these pages,
Holds something very dear to my heart.

Blue Skies
August 13, 2011
Love seems to be,
A bright blue sky,
Followed by gentle winds,
That bring a Storm,
Seen far off in the distance,
Tears from the soul,
Must once again flow,
For where there is storms,
There is also lightening,
Striking at the very,
Heart where love began,
Lightening pearcing the very soul,
One storm passes,
Leaving in its wake,
A lost soul,
A pierced heat,
Waiting for,
The bright blue sky,
Once again to appear.
A Soul Knows
January 24, 2009
What seems to be
Can never really become real
A heart full of love
So desiring to be shared
Just when on the brink
Of letting go
Only to see
Only to feel
Loss once more
Tears held back
So no one sees
A heart wishing
To only be felt
A soul waiting
For the love to be released once more
A soul fully knows
A heart shall forever
Be destined to a life of pain
A soul fully knows
A heart shall never
Be free to love
A soul fully knows
Sits by in silence
As the tears held back
Shall soon flow
A soul fully knows
Hope found ever so deep
Within the heart
Is destined to forever
Be nothing more than a dream
Of endless hoping
Of endless rivers of pain
A heart without understanding
Still awaits in the distance
For a small glimmer of light
Through an open door in the darkness
A soul fully knows
No light shall ever end the pain
Forever only the soul fully knows
A heart is forever destined
To wait through times eternity
For love shall never come to pass
Hopes in dreams are all that are real

Time Passes
January 10, 2009
Without rhyme or reason
Memories of yester years
Seem to race through my thoughts
Movies played from times past
Bringing a smile to my face
Remembering of a time when all seemed
Fresh and new
Remembering a time when walking through parking lots
Filled with antiques car
Seems but a lifetime ago
Years have past
Ever so quickly

Lost Among the River
January 4, 2009
Tears falling endlessly
Flowing like a raging river
With no end insite
Raging toward the open ocean ahead
With the dawning of the new year
Now slowly ease their way
Down lifes endless path
Hoping to find around the bend
Dryness to those hurtful tears

The Unknown
December 31, 2008
As the year closes it doors
Making way for what is yet unknown
Looking back on times past
Wondering where it all went
Seeing little hope in times past
Wondering if there is a reason
To open the door into the new years unknown
Pains in the heart
Left but a short time ago
Wondering if the unknown future
Might bring an end to the pain
Might bring an end to the ever stream of tears
That no amount of laugher
Seems to be able to heal the open wounds
Left upon a willing heart
Left upon a loving soul
Love, Desires and Passion
Seem to keep drowning in a sea of broken dreams
A sea of broken promises
A sea of unwanted love and passion
Shall the now approaching new year
Bring about a bridge
To mead a broken heart
Bring about a healing power
To mend a a longing soul

Our Last
December 28, 2008
If I had of only known
Last night would be our last
If I had of only known
Your kiss would be the last
If I had of only known
Into your eyes I would never see again
If I had of only known
Last night would be our last embrase
If I had of only known
Your heart was never mine to have
If I had of only known
Tears of endless rivers seem to fall
If you could only see
A love so deep
If you could only see
A passion that belongs to only you
If you could only see
A heart touched by you
If you could only see
Every existance of my heart and soul
For you I wish
True happiness you so seek
For you I wish
True love to come your way
For you I wish
No pain to ever touch your heart
For you I wish
No tears shall you ever shed

Sea of Desperation
December 17, 2008
A feeling thought long ago
Lost in a sea of desperation
Awakened with a single touch
Then with innocent words
Streams of tears filled the air
Tears become rivers
Hoping for
Forgotten dreams
Long ago forgotten passions
That shall be swept away with the current
Dreams and Passions
Brought to the surface by a single touch
Now in the wake of those innocent words
Lies a heart
Once again dealing
With feelings and passions
Swept away with the passage of time
Leaving behind the sorrow and pain
That a simple touch erupted

December 1, 2008
A heart,
Full of Love
Slowly being swept away
By a raging river of sorrow
A heart drowning
In a sea of tears
Praying hands
Reaching for a fading
Twinkle of light
That out of no where did appear
From out of the ocean of tears
A hearts desire
Wishing to stop the raging river
Yet wondering if the twinkle
Is nothing more
Than a glimpse of
What can never be
Yet still found that afternoon
In the empty desert

November 16, 2008
Hidden behind the laughter
Hidden behind secret tears
Lies a love that has forever paid the ultimate price
Any heart could ever imagine having to pay
A secret love that has forever bound her heart
Never to be revealed to the world
For he must never see
For his heart and his love
See that only of another
With each day a new hope arises
The hope that tomorrow never comes
The weight of her hidden secret
Has become too much to bare
Living each day knowing his love
Shall never be hers
With open arms
She gladly waits for deaths loving grace
To make its presence known
Knowing her secret love for him
Shall follow her through deaths gates
Thus ending a lifetime
Of secretly hiding her love

September 13, 2007
Rings of a heart full of fire,
Circles of a soul full of passion,
A heart full of incontrolable love,
Locked forever away,
From all to see,
Fire and Passion,
Could only be recalled,
In a far off distant memory,
Seemingly to be slowly lost and burried,
Among the darkness and Sorrow,
That became ones only existance,
Leaving only dark rooms,
Leaving only locked doors,
When out of nowhere,
A faint flicker of light from memories past,
Once again has brought,
An end to an eternity of Darkness,
Once again has rekindled,
The passion of a soul,
The love of a heart.

September 13, 2007
Circle of fire,
Endless rings of passion,
Seemed to engulf a heart and soul,
As suddenly as a desire arose,
ALl seemed but lost in an endless,
Sea of tears and sorrow,
Years seemed to darken,
Once sunny skies,
YEars seemed to offer,
Only sadness and dispair,
WHen out of no where,
Such passion and fire,
Once again arrose,
With a fury thought left,
Only in the darkenss left behind,
WIth the passage of Time.

January 9, 2005
Dedicated to Terrie Jane and Dick
May you both find happiness in whatever you may do

A Heart and soul,
Once broken and lost,
Among the distant shadows,
Seemingly never to find,
An end,
To the ever consuming,
Darkness and pain,
Yet as if by chance,
Or as if by,
A love found from yesterday,
Yet so long ago,
Reaching out a hand,
To a lost heart and soul,
Left behind,
Bringing together,
What seems to be,
Only in a distant dream,
Only in a distant past,
Yet onward,
These two hearts,
These two souls,
Must be together,
For they belong as one,
Just as from distant memories,
So long ago,
Two hearts,
Two souls,
Were as one,
Newly found love,
Not so long ago,
Remembering of ones loss,
Remembering of ones dream,
Yet two hearts,
Yet two lost souls,
Found each other on the path of life,
Trusting in what,
No words can say,
Trusting in what,
A heart and soul feel,
Knowing love found so long ago,
Shall one day,
Be reunited with a love,
Left behind,
Taking new love,
Taking reunited love,
And forever walking,
Beyond where souls and hearts can ever extend.

November 10, 2004
Dedicated To Dick
The connection made so long ago,
Grows ever so strong,
With each shed of a single tear,
With each passing storm,
With each rise of the sun,
Distance of miles,
Lies between physical bounds,
An ever growing connection,
Shall forever remain,
Throughout eternity and beyond,
Uncertain tomorrows,
Uncertain futures,
Shall never break the so rare connection,
Found so very long ago.

November 5, 2003

Passions Ignite,
With the force of a Volcano,
Only to be forever dimmed,
With the rivers of tears,
That shall forever now flow,
Quickly cooling the fires,
Sealing forever inside,
Love found deep within a heart and soul,
Now for an eternity and forever,
To remain hidden,
Hardening with the passage of time,
Though time may show,
Slight cracks in the surface,
Revealing a love and desire,
That simply could never be,
Eternity and forever shall,
Lay their spirits,
Upon any left cracks or unsealed holes,
Never more shall,
The abundance of love,
Flow free,
But shall now,
And forever more,
Remain just beyond any reach,
Never to be felt,
By anotherís touch again,
Never to be held,
By anotherís heart again,
The hands of eternity,
Shall forever turn,
Forever and eternity,
Shall now remain united,
Forever sealing,
What once was a heart and soul,
Filled with love beyond the heavens,
Now only lies,
A heart and soul,
Filled only with a forbidden love,
Forever and always to remain hidden,
Never to be released or heard from again.

I would like to dedicate this special poem to someone who was a part of my life,
But for only a second in time.
I shall forever remember that time
For the first time in my life,
I received a glance at what caring is all about,
I shall forever thank this person,
For showing me a newness in life,
That I never thought would ever be possible,


October 13, 2003

As time comes to pass,
Looking to see,
That which maybe,
Time is a healer,
It is told,
Time is a future,
Yet unsold,
Looking now onward,
Things I see,
Places I have traveled,
Onward I must go,
Seeing flames in his eyes from loves past,
Knowing flames of love,
Shall not ever be there for me,
Looking in his eyes,
I have seen,
Love of undying gratitude,
To have been given,
That one special touch,
To have been given,
That one special thought,
What if is the question,
Asked of thoughts inside,
What if is the question,
Asked of desires left untold,
Wanting and wishing,
For things left unsaid,
Hoping and yearning,
For things left untold,
Dreams must I look unto now,
Dreams must I go,
For it is there,
What if shall forever grow,
Dreams are part of who we are,
Dreams are part of what we share,
Dreams are part of the unknown for him,
Dreams are part of where my love for him shall always go,
Where love abounded with great urgency,
The awakening hour comes much too soon,
Waking hour to see,
That a dream is all that it can ever seem to be,
To dreams I must wonder,
To dreams I must dwell,
For it is there,
I found,
One brief moment in time,
Filled with Love and passion,
No sorrow or pain shall fill my broken heart,
No emptiness shall my soul ever feel,
My heart aches,
For the touch of his own,
But for now to dreams I must travel,
To distant dreams of a future I must go.

March 2, 2001
The distance of miles have been crossed,
Pains in the heart and soul have been fought,
Pains beyond what reality gives,
Seemingly so consumed by tears,
So consumed by the anguish,
Look beyond what reality is,
Look beyond what eternity is,
Look no further than the forces,
Deep within the soul,
Than the unmarked roads written upon the heart,
For it is there,
You shall seek out,
For it is there,
You shall find,
A life long dream,
For there you shall find,
A love deeper,
Than dreams can ever imagine.
Searching and wondering,
Life's roads,
Hoping to find,
Hoping to learn,
The reason behind destiny,
Life teaches all,
Yet there is still doubt,
Doubt within the heart,
Doubt within the inner most of the soul,
Waking to a new day,
Watching as life seems but to slip away,
Wondering ever aimlessly,
Through the roads of life,
Shall it ever end,
Shall the answer ever be found,
Lights at the end of every,
Darkened path,
Seemingly so unreachable,
Roads walked through patience of heart,
Roads found through endurance of the soul,
Keep looking and searching,
For the roads end,
For patience has there been great,
Love has there been none,
But only in passing,
Walking on the road,
Seems but at times,
To be to long to walk,
Stand beside those that seemingly,
To be lost,
Give those strength to see the true light,
Give love and understanding,
To know why faith in what is real,
Seems but at times gone in the distant,
Bringing light to a darkened,
Empty soul,
Bringing hope to a lost heart,
Keep forever your soul,
Keep forever your heart,
For the road of life,
Has not been straight,
There are darkness's in the path,
Light the way,
Light the path,
Finding the light,
Finding the right path,
Shall a temporary heart and soul,
Once find again.



February 17, 2003
Looking back,
Over the days,
Love that seemed so sure,
Now must be hidden away,
Love seems to only be found in the distance,
Yet always seemingly to call out to me,
With beckoning plea,
Always calling upon me,
To continue reaching out,
To continue on with searching,
Yet always finding,
Love and desire,
Are never meant to be a part of ones heart and soul,
Never seemingly to be able to bring them together as one,
Once seemingly having the ability,
To bring them together,
Only to find out that they were,
Blinded by what seemed so real,
Blinded by things that,
Have always been beyond a reach,
Have always been beyond a touch,
Bringing love and desire together,
Has always been unreachable,
Thinking one has found hearts desire and true love,
Only to discover it was merely a dream,
A dream that has become unreachable,
A desire that was never meant to be,
One must sit and continue wait,
For it is said dreams do come true,
And desires can always be reached,
Yet what the heart seems to always find,
Broken hearts and unreachable desires,
Are all that,
Shall ever be,
Loneliness forever casts a shadow,
In the distance,
Seemingly at times to be hidden by what seemed so real,
Only to discover,
Darkened shadows of loneliness,
Shall forever follow,
Shall there ever come a time,
When the love and desire come together,
And forever rid ones heart and soul,
Of the shadow of pain from a forever broken heart,
Of the shadow of loneliness forever casting upon ones soul,
Shall desires of the heart,
Shall the dreams of the soul,
Finally come together,
And be able to feel the fullness,
Of what true love can offer.

February 3, 2003

Looking back,
Through roads already traveled,
Wondering where,
The eyes to roads ahead shall lead,
Tears fill the heart,
Like a misty summers rain,
Yet through the midst,
Flowers bloom,
Bringing an end,
To the dryness of the desert,
Showing all the beauty within.

The following is a poem, that I found while I was going through some emails.
If any of you know who wrote this poem,
I would like to give them credit for it.

All the fair & awesome,
Rise to Blossom fair,
Earth mother yawning,
Spill Seed renewed
By Sun & star repenting,
Nothing. recoiling,
Death still recalling,
Calling still the,
Unthought & Murdered loves
Of youth rent,
Joyous unto chaos bliss,
A first hand on cheek,
The last tear shed,
A child running,
To catch moon streaks,
On a butterfly's bed,
Song on dying lips,
Grandmother's curse,
The odds are rare for Pride,
A betrayer's purse

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